Teadent Idearoom

A safe space for soul-fulfilling conversations, exploring curiosities about the world, and within ourselves.

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What is Idearoom?

Idearoom is a Teadent Tradition. It is a space where we can have soul-fulfilling conversations, explore our curiosities about the world around us and within ourselves in a safe space. Here, people can express their views and be heard, listen to other’s ideas and be inspired. You could think of it as a collective mental space where ideas are contributed to and retrieved from.

What question would you ask an omnipotent being, if you could ask anything in the world?

Why Idearoom?

Ideas are what make the world go round. At Idearoom, we tap on the power of the collective to help us come to our own understanding on the matters that make life worth living – relationships, spirituality, love and intimacy, exploring our creativity and curiosities. By taking in as many diverse ideas as possible and making sense of them in our own way, we can find our own answers which best satisfy us.

Ultimately, we hope people who come to Idearoom can experience a sense of belonging through personal expression, mental clarity by turning their ideas into words, and mutual wonder at the unknowns in life.

Teadent Idearoom
Teadent Idearoom

How it works

As a group, we take turns playing different roles – at times you are the listener, at times you are the questioner and other times you get to offer your views and answer questions all you want. In each round, the question holder steers the conversation and pursues their line of questioning until they are satisfied with the answer.

Ground Rules

Come as you are, bring your curiosity and burning question(s), contribute your ideas, or simply sit and soak in the conversation. We only ask that all who attend be open and tolerant of diverse perspectives that may diverge from their own. No question is too silly or taboo, as long as it is put forth with sensitivity and respect to others.

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Location & Time

Zoom, every second Sunday of the month

Send a message to us to introduce yourself and share why you want to attend Idearoom, and we’ll provide you with a Zoom link. 🙂

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