Intro to Walking Robots Bootcamp

Intro to Walking Robots Bootcamp

Join us at Singapore’s only Intro to Walking Robots Bootcamp.

Build your own bio-inspired walking robot from scratch.


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Learn first-hand from two of Singapore’s most creative roboticists

Brought to you in partnership with Whyte Labs, in this 3-day bootcamp, participants will learn to apply basic science, math and coding to bring an animal-like, walking robot to life, from scratch!

Taught by two leading robotics researchers and entrepreneurs, experience a 100% hands-on, exploration-based approach, to take you through the entire journey of what it takes to build a complex robot from scratch. Give your kids an overview of both the hardware and software, DIY-style, while equipping them with the skills to bring their craziest ideas to life.

Robotics doesn’t get more creative than this. Slots are limited, so sign up now and become a part of a budding community of young tinkerers!

Why sign up?

Tailored experience
After sign-up, we will WhatsApp you to understand the participant’s prior experience with programming or robotics (if any), to better tailor their bootcamp experience.

This is just the beginning for unleashing infinite number of possibilities
Your robotics journey does not end with this bootcamp. Inspired by your creativity, we look forward to welcoming you to our passionate robotics enthusiasts community to explore ideas together. Exchange ideas and knowledge, and bring your own ideas to life! Be the first to know about Whyte Labs’ upcoming advanced robotics courses, mentoring programmes and competitions.

Robot Assembly
Holding robot

Who can sign up?

This bootcamp is ideally suited for participants aged 10 to 15 years old. However, anyone above 15 years old is welcomed too, including parents! Feel free to reach out to us if you are unsure 🙂

Basic experience with block-based programming (e.g. Scratch, or drag-and-drop programming languages) is all that’s needed. No prior experience with electronics needed.

Just curious
Anyone interested in learning about or playing with robotics, Arduino, or even just curious about how animals walk!

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About the instructors

Jeremy Koh - Whyte Labs

Jeremy Koh

Aditya Kapoor

Our instructors Jeremy Koh and Aditya Kapoor are the founders of Whyte Labs, a startup developing cutting-edge, interdisciplinary robotics technology.

Deeply passionate about demystifying robotics and science, they are now out to share their years of experience, to help young tinkerers unleash their own creativity. They themselves began experimenting with bio-inspired robots back in their University days. While they faced a steep learning curve, having to teach themselves about biology, electronics, robotics and so on, it was this foundational experience that put them on the path to exploring their dreams. They went on to build one of the World’s most advanced bio-inspired soft robots, to aid in disaster-response missions. They have been based in both Singapore and Switzerland, and won multiple international awards for their work.

Ideas are the most powerful source of inspiration. Pioneering a one-of-a-kind robotics learning experience, what they essentially hope to give young minds are the tools and confidence to bring their wildest of ideas to life, while also discovering the beauty of science and engineering.

Programme details

Robotics Group Together

Day 1 – Intro to Biorobotics & Arduino (Complimentary! ✨)

  • Intro to Biorobotics by Aditya and Jeremy, plus demos of their other animal-like robots
  • Learn the basics of Arduino, the brain of the robot and one of the World’s most versatile prototyping platforms. All through simple block-based programming 😉
  • Challenge yourself by combining your favourite sensors and other components to prototype an Arduino-based home-automation system
  • Students work individually
  • BONUS: Surprise Guest

Day 2 & 3: Building a Walking Robot

  • Build, wire and programme a six-legged walking robot, from scratch
  • Cats, horses, spiders, dogs. So many pairs of legs! Understand the kinematics of walking, running and how different animals balance
  • Develop the walking algorithms and program your robot to walk, using Arduino
  • Experiment! Push your robot further, customise it or try different manoeuvres
  • Students work in teams of two

Get a custom certificate
All participants who successfully complete the bootcamp will receive a custom certificate from Whyte Labs, endorsed by Aditya and Jeremy.

Get a free Arduino Explorer Kit
Take home your own Arduino Explorer Kit, and continue to experiment with or build even cooler projects!

What to bring

  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • Mouse
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Robot Assembly
NLP Xin Yi testimonial

Taku, Age 12

“I thought the camp was very engaging as making robots move is something you don’t do in school and this camp gave me the opportunity to be able to build an actual walking robot. For humans, walking might be easy but for robots, coding it to walk was very difficult. When I was programming, it was quite hard to program it to walk but it was challenging and fun and with the help of my instructors, I was able to get the robot walking!

Going forward I am keen to explore more on various types of things I can do with the robot, even beyond walking!”

Joshua, Age 14

“The course was very fun and engaging. Would recommend attending this workshop if you love robots or coding and want to take your skills to the next level!”

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We are pleased to offer you a one-time only Introductory Promotion on this unique programme, brought to you in partnership with Whyte Labs:

Day 1 of the programme (Intro to Biorobotics & Arduino) will be complimentary for everyone signing up for this 3-day bootcamp.

Usual Price: $1,260

⭐️ Promo Price: $820

Select Dates

Slot #1 (only 8 seats available)
18, 19, 21 March 2021: 10am to 5pm (first day), 10am to 6pm (second day) and 1pm to 6pm (last day).

Slot #1: Full

Slot #2 (only 8 seats available)
29, 30, 31 March 2021: 10am to 5pm on all 3 days.

Sign up Slot #2

Contact us

For any questions on the programme, contact Aditya from Whyte Labs at:

  • Phone/WhatsApp: (65) 91633471
  • Email:


There are three key differences between Whyte Labs’ robotics platform and those used by other robotics schools.

Most schools typically teach robotics using simple wheeled robots (e.g. Microbit, LEGO), that can be rather limited in terms of functionality and creative exploration. Moreover, they are often the ‘plug and play’ type, and the skills that students learn do not often translate to other projects they might want to take on. Instead, we are teaching young children how to build far more complex and versatile systems, building their own walking, balancing, spider-like robots, completely from scratch

Through this ‘DIY’ approach, students learn how to build, wire and program their own Arduino-based robots, from the ground-up, the same way a real engineer would. This not only gives them a strong foundation in robotics, but also equips them to be able to prototype a variety of other automation ideas that they might have. 

Lastly, such walking robots also give them a chance to apply and appreciate the (otherwise dry) physics, math and biology that they learn at school, by engaging them to think about the kinematics of walking and balance. It’s something we find intuitive and simple to do as humans but that they realise and appreciate is complex and challenging to programme on a robot.

Our programme aims to take students through the entire process of building, wiring and programming a complex robot, from the ground-up. Not only is this more ‘fun’, it is 100% hands-on and allows each student to add their own unique inputs as well. Also crucially, this equips them with the tools and knowledge on how to prototype a variety of other automation or robotics-related ideas that they might have.

The walking robot is not provided to be taken home at the moment. However, we do provide each student with their own Arduino Explorer Kit to take home, and continue to experiment with or build even cooler projects!

For the Intro to Arduino section on Day 1 of the program, each student will work independently on their own Arduino kits (provided by us). This is to ensure that each student can develop a foundation and confidence in using the platform.

For the Building a Walking Robot section (Days 2 & 3), students will work in pairs, with two students per robot. This helps foster a culture of collaboration, while also allowing students to support each other, as they embark on the possibly daunting task of building their own walking robot from scratch.

We are in the process of developing a variety of further programmes and competitions around animal-like robots. Do keep in touch with us if you’d like to stay up to date on our latest programmes!

Yes, we are in the process of developing and launching further, advanced levels for students to build on their learnings from this introductory bootcamp. In addition, we are also building a young community of tinkerers who have gone through this programme, and are planning out different ways for them to keep learning and cultivating their ideas and skills further. Do keep in touch with us if you’d like to stay up to date on our latest programmes!

If your child is aged 10 or above, and is curious to learn robotics, then they are more than welcome to join. No prior experience with electronics is needed to join this programme. While we do recommend having some basic experience with block-based programming (e.g. Scratch, or drag-and-drop programming languages), drop us a note if your child does not have experience with this yet, and we can get them up to speed 🙂

Yes! While this programme is largely focused on younger people, adults (especially parents!) are welcome to join as well. Do reach out to us if you’re unsure and we can have a chat.

Yes! Parents keen to learn robotics are more than welcome to join the programme together with their child, by availing of our special Duo Pax Package offer. Once you sign up, we will follow up with you to understand more about your interests and prior experience with coding or robotics (if any), so as to best tailor the programme for you.

Laptop, Laptop Charger and Mouse.

It is highly recommended that students attend all three days of the bootcamp slot that they sign up for. Unfortunately we are unable to offer make-up classes at this point.

Strictly no cancellation or refunds allowed. You will only receive a refund if the bootcamp is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, and you will be notified way ahead of time.

Basic experience with block-based programming (e.g. Scratch, or drag-and-drop programming languages) is all that’s needed. And no prior experience with electronics required.

This bootcamp is ideally suited for participants aged 10 to 15 years old. However, anyone above the age of 15 years old is welcomed too, including parents! Drop us a note ( and we will follow up with you.

Please feel free to contact Aditya from Whyte Labs at:

  • Phone/WhatsApp: (65) 91633471
  • Email: