Playing with Movement

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Discover your movement potential in this playful and interactive workshop!

Reconnect with your body, build confidence and find new ways of moving.

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22 Jan 2022, 3.30pm – 5.30pm

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2-hour beginner-friendly workshop

Looking to add variety to your workout routine? Wish you could have more fun while building mind body connection? 

Come to our Playing with Movement workshop and discover your movement potential! In this playful and interactive workshop, get cosy with the ground, learn to move with joy and ease, and build connections between movements to find fluidity.

Is this class for me?

Experienced or not, we tailor to your needs

Whether you have zero background in movement or have an existing practice, there’s something for everyone in this workshop.

If you are new to moving, progressions will be given according to your needs. The aim is to find ease and joy in moving your body, not to execute a perfect movement. So come if you are looking to get a workout while having fun!

If you have an existing practice, whether it be yoga, pilates, crossfit, animal flow, martial arts, dance or more, you can discover a new and fun recovery day routine to complement your practice and get help breaking down specific movements or skills. So come if you are curious to try something different and make new friends!

What you’ll experience in class

Just the right balance of challenge and fun

  • Learn basic drills for mobility that you can take home with you
  • Learn basic ground movements and transitional moves
  • Have fun with partner games
  • Put a sequence together with your friends!

Cosy class setting

Capped at 6 pax for the best learning and playing experience for all 🙂

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About your instructor

Charis Koh

Charis teaches Movement Foundation and Mobility at MOVE Academy Singapore. She strongly believes that movement is for everybody and has a passion for helping people rediscover the joy of moving.

A jill of all trades, she has helped clients of all ages with varying fitness levels and needs in the past nine years – from rehabilitating towards their fitness and mobility goals, achieving performance enhancement through sports specific conditioning, to teaching toddlers how to dance and seniors above 80s how to enjoy movement again. Her breadth of experience has made her versatile in how she helps people find novel and practical solutions to their needs.

Other than teaching movement, Charis is also a freelance Singer and movement Choreographer. She is passionate about community building and enjoys bringing like-minded people together, creating experiences and discovering similarities and interrelations between seemingly unrelated subjects.

If you need more convincing, here’s her impressive list of credentials:

  • Polestar Pilates Studio Comprehensive Certified
  • Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
  • GYROTONIC level 1
  • FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) Mobility Specialist
  • FRA (Functional Range Accessment)
  • Kinstretch kevel 1
  • Stick mobility level 1
  • Explain Pain
  • Animal Flow level 1 Certified

What people are saying


Charis draws from her significant background in dance and other movement disciplines to come up with sequences for participants to work on, while interspersing strength conditioning exercises in between to ensure that everyone gains the requisite strength and mobility to execute the moves confidently and safely. The class provides a safe space for individuals to explore creativity in movement while working within their physical capabilities.

I would thus highly recommend this class – led by a very friendly and helpful instructor – to anyone interested in exploring movement or just to have an unconventional workout session.


Both my sister & I are in our late 50s. We started attending Charis’ movement class last November. 

The class starts with muscle & core strengthening exercises followed by a series of floor movements to build strength, agility & alertness. We have fun exploring our abilities, trying things we previously thought were impossible. At the end of each session, we always have a sense of accomplishment. 

Charis is understanding & patient. She modifies movements or provides us with options to cater to our weaknesses while also challenging our limits. We would definitely recommend this class to people of any age.”

Tse Pei

Training with Charis has exposed me to a whole new way of seeing movement. Instead of seeing exercise as a set of movements to complete, Charis’ flow classes encouraged me to explore different ways of moving and helped me gain confidence and body awareness in moving. Now, I no longer think of working out to keep fit – I train and I play, which makes me naturally motivated to sustain my movement practice.

Classes with Charis are light-hearted and fun-filled, and you’ll always walk away having learnt something new. When I’m struggling with certain movements, Charis is able to intuitively grasp my limiting factors and give personalised advice on how to work towards my goals.”

Ray Mc, Physiotherapist

“Charis is a very dynamic multi talented movement professional who will introduce you to the worlds of kinstretch, house dance and fluid strength and will provide a safe space for you to express movement in your own way, create your own patterns and help you access movement transitions you never thought you could access. She is extremely kind and really cares about her students.”

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Next Session

22 Jan 2022, 3.30pm – 5.30pm

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